For security and safety, our campus is a closed campus. Students have access to maintained gardens as well as playground areas for sports and relaxation.   At the school entrance, we have a large all-weather sports area marked out for a range of sports. We have a purpose-built play area for kindergarten students.

Learning Spaces

We have designed our learning spaces with 21st Century learning in mind. These spaces consist of learning areas for the whole class or small group collaboration, alongside breakout areas for individual work.


These spaces are designed to support multi-disciplinary, cross-curricular projects which include for example English, Art, Design, Programming, Computing, Engineering, Science, Maths, and Humanities. Technology is seamlessly integrated into these spaces, with laptops/tablets on hand to complement and enhance the curriculum.

Sports Facilities

The campus has an all-weather futsal pitch, a multi-purpose surface designed for a range of outdoor sports, basketball and fitness activities and a 25-metre outdoor swimming pool, and adjoining smaller pool for our kindergarten students.


Food and Drink Provision

Our school has a dedicated canteen area and snack shop, which offers a wide range of healthy snacks, before school and at our two break times during the day.