Community Involvement

Community life is important for our school and we want for our students to actively participate and contribute to our school community. This involvement allows the development of skills, talents and collaborative successes from participation.

There are a number of ways we encourage community involvement. Through our house system, the student council and voluntary / community projects and also sharing our learning with parents and students from Pensmith Thai School.

visited the temple school at Wat Sri Bunruang, about 3 km from our school to give these donations of toys and clothes. The students also shared some Christmas fun by creating Christmas trees and reading with the stud.jpg

House System

When students and staff join our school they are placed into one of 4 house teams. There are various individual and team competitions that students participate in throughout the year where they represent their house – great opportunities for collaboration, communication, and leadership.

Student Council

The Student Council exists for the student body. This means Council members listen to student voices and take actions to develop the school and improve the convenience of school life. Therefore, our students have the responsibility and right to raise issues and inform their class representatives of matters for discussion during their Student Council meetings. Moreover, through students being involved with the Student Council, they will strengthen their leadership skills and identity as representatives of the School and their community.