Accreditation and Affiliation

Accreditation and Affiliations

The Thai Education Ministry authorizes only 4 organisations, including Education Development Trust to carry out international accreditations.  Education Development Trust is a UK based organisation working throughout the UK and internationally in over 40 countries.  In the UK, they inspect a third of all UK schools on behalf of OFSTED.

Education Development Trust is a world authority on school inspection and evaluation having inspected schools from around the world for over 20 years. Inspections expertise has a significant international footprint and they have worked in partnership with government agencies in countries as diverse as India, Thailand and Jamaica. The accrediting body over this time has changed its name a number of times. Originally called Worldwide Education Service (WES) changed its name to the Centre for British Teacher (CfBT) and in 2016 became the Education Development Trust.

We currently have candidate status, which means we have commenced the 3 year process to become an accredited school with Education Development Trust and the International Schools Quality Mark (ISQM).



The Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Thai Public Organization) has set up its goals to develop education standards to be used in education quality assurance of all educational institutions throughout Thailand. It is, therefore, mandatory that every educational institution undergo the external quality assessment at least every five years.

The education quality assurance is an educational procedure established to entrust learners, parents, community and society with confidence and assurance that educational institutions will provide then with qualified and standardized education as stipulated by the set-up criteria. The collaboration between state and private sectors will additionally yield an invaluable benefit towards the education quality development and also undoubtedly enhance Thailand’s competitiveness in the world community

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